Our Vision & Team

JP Developments encourages an integrated and motivated professional and construction team whose function it is to achieve timeous completion of all projects, without sacrificing good design, quality and a well-functioning building.

As the controlling force behind accelerated development and building techniques, JP Developments is the vital co-ordinator. We shorten total time through fast-tracking with the optimum overlapping of design, documentation and construction. This provides a quicker production of our client’s asset, minimising the cost of interim funding and the inevitable escalation of costs during the project period.

Our project manager’s work in close partnership with the owner, providing timeous appraisals and recommendations, as well as assisting in the evaluation of financial and technical data on an ongoing basis. JP Developments believes that owners should constantly be kept up to speed with comprehensive info on design, time and cost implications.

With JP Developments there will be regular management meetings where policy decisions, evolving design and financial matters are managed. We believe strongly in the emphasis on teamwork!

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    Commercial projects can seem like a stressful undertaking but with JP Developments we make it easy. Be it a Retail Store, Warehouse or Factory we will get the job done.
    Home is where the heart is. That's how the saying goes. JP Developments prides itself on building and/or renovating upmarket houses that you can call home. We also do Cluster development.
    At JP Developments you can only expect the best. Whatever your need is we have Project managers, Structural Consultants, Architectural Consultants and Foreman to ensure the jobs gets done right from start to finish.